Welcome to our Visual Stress Assessment Tool

Our Visual Stress Assessment Tool will show you a passage of text to read and then ask you a few simple questions to see if you are exhibiting any of the typical signs of Visual Stress.

Should you experinece any of the symptoms of Visual Stress then our software will place a series of coloured overlays over the text, and in turn ask you if the coloured overlay helps your symptons of Visual Stress.

Following this, the overlays that did reduce your symptoms will be compared side-by-side where you can choose the overlay that most reduces your symptoms of Visual Stress.

At the end of the test if any of the overlay colours have helped, you shall be shown the most effective overlay colour for yourself based on the answers you have given during the test.

Select your test type

Our assessment tool supports two types of test, one designed for adults and one for children. Please choose the test you would like to take below.


Rest assured that we take your privacy very seriously and all tests are and will be anonymous.